Living is Learning

F.3.1 – Aims and activities of the organisation
Starreveld International is active in the field of education and training, financial services and international business. We have over 30 years experience and an extended network of clients and partners; both businesses and universities.

We help universities improving learning programs and increase learning outcomes, efficiency and effectiveness. In the past few years we have successfully introduced programs such as International Business Carrousel, Round Table Teaching, Group Exams, Reading Classes, Writing Classes, Peer Assessments, etc.

We have a wide experience in supporting and assisting, both starting and established companies in financial analysis, coaching in financial – and loan assessments, and applications, and negotiations with banks, accountants and other stakeholders. In the course of years we have assisted many small, starting and established companies finding new export markets and helped them to introduce in foreign markets.

As director I coordinate all activities and programs we are working on.
As senior consultant I perform the most important and/or complex situations.
As professor I teach Cost Accounting, Corporate Finance, International Business, and Accounting Information Systems, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

We have successfully organized business travels with the aim of introducing companies in new foreign markets; which helped them to access new markets, new technologies, and business partners.
F.3.2 – Role of your organization in a KA2 project
With over 30 years of business experience and teaching at several universities I am a specialist in new thinking, finding new business opportunities, and implement these skills in all kinds of teaching activities.

We can support and help both students and staff to implement academic knowledge in day-to-day business practice.
Since we already helped so many companies in successfully contacting talented students and new promising employees, we will be happy to be an intermediary between both students and universities and companies.
F.3.7 – Operational capacity: Skills and expertise of key staff involved in the project
Summary of relevant skills and experience, including where relevant a list of recent publications related to the domain of the project.
Education, training, finance, international, business, organisation
Negotiation skills, writing skills, presentation skills, communication skills
Financial knowledge, Business and legal knowledge, marketing knowledge

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